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Termite Rescue is an Australian company designed to cure termites at your place. Whether it is your office property or you house, Termite Rescue professionals deal with ll types of areas where there is a termite attack. With this, they require a proper treatment in a way that termites can be removed as well your property is also saved. Therefore, each one of them has different way to cure the problem related to termites. Somewhere, chemicals are suggested and others might go for baiting programs. Contact Termite Rescue team and let them do it the way they want to and you will be relieved for a month at least.


Our main services:

1.Commercial Pest Control Solutions
2.Residential Pest Control Brisbane
3.Home Buyers Building and Pest Inspections (PPI)
4.Termite Prevention and Eradication Solutions
5.Removal of Feral Cats
6.Feral Pigeon Solutions
7.Industrial Pest Control Solutions
8.Removal of Possums

We have flexible payment plans. For more information visit our website: http://www.termiterescue.com.au/


We offer 24/7 emergency service.

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